The Assam Capsule Project. From rural villages in Assam, India to our Brooklyn studio.

In December 2015, we purchased ten sewing machines and funded a two year support program for ten women below the poverty line in Assam, India. A portion of all sales goes towards further supporting these women on a daily basis as they become entrepreneurs and to developing collaborative livelihood initiatives with them + local weavers.

The recipients underwent comprehensive training on how to best utilize their sewing machines to earn a living in three ways: Tailoring, running their own Silai schools, and mechanical repair of machines. 

We spend every February in Assam developing the next layers of our partnership face-to-face with the artisans alongside North East Social Trust NPO.

The Assam Capsule Collection represent a commitment to deepening our relationship with the highly skilled, untapped network of artisans in rural Assam. Furthermore, this collection gives our collaborators the opportunity to earn capital while they start their own tailoring businesses.

During our 2016 visit, we developed custom hand-dyed and woven 100% cotton fabric with the weavers and trained this first group of sewing machine recipients on how to cut and stitch the fabric for this collection.  

We finish each bag by hand with leather and hardware once the stitched fabric arrives in our Brooklyn studio.