Spencer Devine Assam Flood Relief

Spencer Devine Assam Flood Relief

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It has been reported by North East Social Trust NPO (NEST), Spencer Devine 's production partner who oversees all collaborations with artisans in rural Assam, that the villages of members of our Assam Capsule Project and their families have been devastated by severe flooding in North East India over these past weeks. 

Altogether 1,193,458 individuals of 1,795 villages were affected due to the disaster caused by four major rivers in Assam overflowing. 76 people have lost their lives as a result of the flooding.  

Apart from Human sufferings, crops on 164,370 acres of land were submerged and damaged creating a major threat to the food security and livelihood of the population in the near future. Over half a million farm animals have also been lost and otherwise affected due to the inundation of their shelter and food.

If you’re able to join this effort, we’re hoping to raise $4,000 to provide food, clean water, building supplies, and clothing. 100% of your donation will directly go to the aid of Spencer Devine's aritsan partners, their families, and communities. 

We realize not everyone is able to offer financial support — your continued support through spreading awareness is so valuable. Sharing this with your friends and family can go a long way.

While flooding is not uncommon during monsoon season, this year's flood is more wide spread and much more severe than recent years. Out of some 300+ families that NEST oversees the livelihood development and basic needs of, around 80% of these families are suffering from the recent flood. 

You can also learn more and donate HERE

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